Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Research Companies Before You Buy

A custom log home is something many of us research and dream about for years.
When it is time to build, we want to choose a company that will take a personal interest in us enough to transform our log home dream into a working design.

Our local field representatives will guide you on the path to a memorable building experience and help you avoid mistakes along the way.

At Somerset Log Homes, our experienced team knows what distinguishes a memorable log hand picked, kiln-dried pine or cedar, cut only from the heart of the log and skillfully crafted by hand with a drawknife. Crafting logs this way takes time, skill and dedication. We also offer style options for siding and corners.

We do it this way so that we can offer you the best quality possible.
When it comes to producing your log home package, we won't compromise on quality and performance.
You shouldn't either.

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